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Highly-subsidized in-home and center-based back-up child care for UC Berkeley student parents.

Learn more about the service, location, hours and costs.

Service Terms: Student parents are eligible for up to 64 subsidized hours of subsidized care per fiscal year. Co-pays are $3 per hour for center-based care and $6 per hour for in-home care (minimum four hours per booking).

Take the First Steps

It can take as long as 5 business days to complete registration before you can start scheduling service. Get started now!

1 Confirm Eligibility

The first step is to check your campus registration status to make sure you are eligible for this program.

2 Apply

If you are eligible to apply, you must submit an application to the campus program coordinator.

3 Register

Once your application has been accepted, you will be provided with a link to register with the service provider, Bright Horizons.

Use back-up child care when:

  • Your regular caregiver is unavailable
  • You are between child care arrangements
  • Your child’s regular child care center or school is closed
  • Your child is mildly ill and cannot attend your regular child care center or school
  • You need care for your child so that you can meet your academic responsibilities, such as attending a study session, writing a paper, or traveling to attend conferences or to make presentations

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